Help with making a heatmap


I want to make a heatmap that tracks the user sessions as described on this page:

I want to mimic the heatmap from that example.

How exactly do I make a similar heatmap on Kibana? When I search for a log line of "user logged in". I get a count but I cant seem to group this count like the example. Here is what I get:

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Hi there, I've put together a small demo using our sample data:

In this example, I used the hour_of_day field to create Histogram bucket for the X-Axis. If this field isn't available in your data, you could look into creating a scripted field to extract the hour data from your time field.

Does this help?



That helped thanks, there is only one small issue where the Y axis is not sorted by the day like in your example image:

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I'm not 100% sure of why you're getting these results, but it's possible this is due to a bug that will fixed in the 6.5 release:


Yeah sorting it will most likely fix it, thanks for the help and I have marked your answer as the solution.

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