Heat Map with Date on one axis and time of the day on the other axis

Hi All -

I am very new to Kibana (2nd day) and I am trying to build a heat map where I can use date and time of the day on each of the axes.

Currently, this is what I have
Aggregation -> Date Histogram
Interval -> Hourly

Aggregation -> Date Histogram
Interval -> Daily

This almost works except the fact that I see Date and time on the Y-axis instead of just time of the day.

I hope I was able to explain my issue.

When you mean time of day, do you mean splitting it into hours from 0-23?

Yes, that is what I mean

You need to extract the hour to it's own field (ideal approach), or use a scripted field (suboptimal approach). Kibana/Elasticsearch work on the full timestamp, not a portion of it.

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Thanks @warkolm. We actually ended up doing just that.

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