How to create a heatmap chart?

The vertical axis is days (not configured, but this is my desire), the horizontal is the hours of one day (not configured, but this is my desire), the resulting squares from their intersection are the counter of what I indicate with the search query, of course, in the color corresponding to the quantity (how to set the color boundaries is a separate question). I do not understand the result, but on the other hand I do not find the necessary settings.
So I'm aiming for something like this:

Hi @OlegG,

I assume you are asking how to map the axes to your desired state? I'm not sure how your data is structured, or which version of Kibana and Elasticsearch that you are using. But I've had a play around in 8.6 using Lens assuming a mapping of these fields:

  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "region": {
        "type": "keyword"
      "@timestamp": {
        "type": "date"

To show the data in the horizontal access by year, you should set the minimum interval to 1y and I also disabled the binding to the datepicker:

The vertical access I've just bound to the top values of region, but this could be more complicated based on your mapping:

If any assumptions are not quite right, or you have any further questions on this just let us know.

Thanks for the answer. I don't really understand what map the axes to desired state is, but your pictures are more like what I'm trying to achieve than mine.

Heatmap is a 3D graph: days of the week (vertically), hours in a day (horizontal), counts (this projection is represented by color change).
On my graph, the graph for a specific day is compressed into one cell, and form a diagonal. Instead, they should fill every hour of the day, because the day corresponds to the entire length of the horizontal axis, and one cell should correspond to the hour. That is, I want to observe how the counts ​​change in hours depending on the day(days of the week), becomes more or less red for example.

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