Heat map Y-axis reverse order

Hi everyone! I am currently working on a heat map on Kibana 6.1.1. I am using histogram aggreagation for both X-axis and Y-axis. When setting the y-axis, I would like it to be sorted in descending order from top to bottom, which means both the smallest X value and the smallest Y value will be at the bottom left corner of the heat map. Is there a direct way to do so? If not, are there any other ways to achieve this? Thanks.

It's possible this is an issue. Reaching out to the visualization team for more information.

i think that is expected. unfortunately there is currently no way to change that, but should not be hard to do (invert option on an axis)

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@mpitt found a workaround for this (with a few minor gotchas): Heatmap Y-Axis reversed

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