Heatmap color scale

Please help - I need to control the heatmap geopoint color (in a Kibana Tilemap) based on the value of a field in each document.
For example (for integer values) if the value is 1, the plotted heat map geopoint must be dark blue,
if the value is 2 the heatmap geopoint must be light blue, and so on up to red.
I need to extend this scale for integer values between 0 and for example 10.
I can also work with a continuous color scale between blue and red for real values between 0 and 10
Currently using Kibana 5.2.1
Thank you in advance


Unfortunately, user can't control the colour in heatmap right now.
Sorry I couldn't help more :slight_smile:


Also, Tile Maps in Kibana don't typically show individual documents. All Kibana visualizations show aggregations of data (like the count, min, max, avg, etc of some group of documents). If the data on a Tile Map is sparse enough it can show values from individual documents because the "min/max/avg" are all the same when there's only one value.


I can recommend you this plugin:

You have a control of scale and color in this one, but beware, I'm not sure it has a release for 5.2.1

Thank you very much for your quick reply - I really appreciate it !

Hi Bhavya
Apologies for all the questions - is it possible to control the color scale of one of the other options? Scaled Circle Markers / Shaded Circle Markers / Shaded Geohash Grid ?

Thanks you are right - I actually used max

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