Kibana map: control color and icon of individual points

I want to use Kibana to map health of materials in a certain area and I want to use icons to help me visualize what every material is . Further, I want the color of the icons to change based on some condition ( example, blue when the material is healthy and red when it is deteriorating, etc).
So, my questions:
-can I show individual points on a map? Kibana is showing me one big blob rather than every point. I increased the zoom level following but that did not fix my problem.

-can I use different icons to represent the various materials (see figure I created with R shiny)?
-can I change the color of each icon based on some condition?


Kibana's maps, and all visualizations, operate on aggregate data, and it's not presently possible to plot individual data points. seems very similar to what you're requesting, if you wouldn't mind commenting on that issue with your use-case, it'll help us prioritize the feature and ensure it meets your needs.

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