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Can I make the datamart from elk stack .
and How do I combine 2 index data in elasticsearch
do-i-combine-2-index-data-in-elasticsearch/199044 .

Hi @Farah_Bannour,

I've changed the topic to Elastic Stack rather than announcement as it better fits your question. Can you give a bit more detail on what you are trying to do?

What do you mean by:

It sounds like you're trying to combine data from two indices? What does your data look like? Does it need to be in separate indices?

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I’m doing data extraction from odoo sh using the api to create index and I wanted to make a join between 3 or more index how I can do ca by elk stack

So an Elasticsearch index is different to SQL tables, so you wouldn't be joining the indices together as part of a query. You would need to enrich the documents coming in from odoo. One way you could do that is using an enrich processor in an ingest pipeline to ensure the values and fields you need are included in the document.

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i can use alias or reindex or not?also have you an idea of how i can establish a datamart when i have a relationnel data (in my case is data from odoo

It's difficult to say without knowing the structure of your data and how you want to join things together. If you don't want to join documents together, similar like you would with records across two DB tables, and it's just a search across multiple indices to find relevant records then using an alias would work. As would reindexing everything to a single index.

Can you give a bit more information on the structure of the indices and what you mean by join?

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