Relationship in elasticsearch

I have two tables in mysql and i want to join both tables and extract data in elk stack. I have join both tables and create view and import in elk stack but the thing is that data is duplicate . Is that possible through mapping that i can link both tables in one index ? for example i have customer table in which fields are coming customer name,national identification number , customer_id and second table is email in which customer_Id is coming so can i map both table in elk stack and index both table table in one index.?

for example i have customer which have expired identification in the second table email in which customer id is coming with email body and subject. What i want to show in the visualisation that how many email send to that customer in which have expired identification i have join both the tables in mysql and import in elk stack duplication data is showing in elk stack. Any help please

There's quite a few existing threads on this topic, I'd encourage you to check some of them.


  • merge both of your tables before indexing, creating a flattened structure
  • use parent/child

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