Help: How to filter unwanted metadata and fields from filebeats

I am very new to this filebeat shipping thing.
Once I ship the log to kibana I am getting so many meta data field both for kibana and I can filter it in kibana visualization but is there any way to filter out/exclude those field during log ingestion .

Thanks in advance..

Believe you are looking to drop fields in your filebeat config.

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Hi Aron.

I was just trying to use remove_field option...

remove_field => [ "message","log.file.path","agent.hostname","" ]

But unfortunately it is removing the 'message' only not other fields.

Could you please elaborate drop_field with some example.

Thanks in advance.


Try this format instead of dot notation.

remove_field => [ "message","[log][file][path]","[agent][hostname]","[agent][id]" ]
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Hi Aron,

Thanks its working now.
Another query ....I guess I can not exclude '_id' from the log as its being a metadata??
If its possible do we have any separate syntax for that??

Regards ,

_id is metadata and lies outside _source data. You can only remove _source data.

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Hi Aaron,

Thanks a lot for the help...
Can I ask you for another help... with below topic

Thanks Again,

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