Help on Rollover (manually forcing the rollover)

Hello all,

we are using rollover index lifecycle management. This way our indices are being rotated once they hit 50GB.

From time to time we are in the need to change something in the index design so that we do these changes inside the index template and then we do need to wait until the index is being rotated so that we can see the effect of our changes being applied on the new index.

Because reaching the 50GB size can sometimes take up to 3 days, we need a way to force the rollover manually without having to wait until the ILM policy with it's 50GB trigger is met.

Is there any documentation available about this manual operation (how can I force the rollover for the current used index)?

Many thanks for hints!

Hello @plymouth78

I think there's an open issue to have a "force rollover" option, but I think this can be easily done.

As you're using rollover APIs, you're allowed to change the criteria.
As soon as you've modified the template and you want to force a rollover, call the Rollover API with a limit which has been already exceeded (e.g. min_age: 1s).

So I changed the policy to 1h, but what I'm supposed to call now?

Are you using the rollover API or ILM?

With ILM it's not possible to change it as the new policy settings will be applied only for the new indices and for the steps following the one the index is currently in.

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