Check-rollover-ready explain

Hello guys,

I have set up ILM policy on data stream and when I manually perform rollover trough rollover api, it's just a blink of an eye and new index is created.

BUT, if I use ILM, there is some step called check-rollover-ready and it takes very long time before actual rollover action. Is there some description of this check, or exists way to speed it up? It takes a very long time even if index has about 10 documents. I dont want to imagine what takes up at our bilions documents indices.

ILM only checks for and triggers rollover periodically and I think the default is every 10 minutes or so. This works great for large indices but can cause problems for small unrealistic tests. You can change the interval but I do not remember how of the top of my head. I would recommend running a more realistic test instead.

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Yep, indices.lifecycle.poll_interval solves the problem.

Thanks, Christian

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