A rollover (ILM) on rollup indexes

Referring to the post I have some more questions:

Since the issue #48003 is closed is there a plan until when this feature will be available?

I would also like to know if a numeric rollover works for rollup indexes? If yes is there a tutorial for this?


From that issue;

@talevy talevy closed this as completed in #65633 on 29 Jan 2021

But I can't see it in the docs which is odd? hopefully one of the ILM devs will swing by and comment.

Hi @warkolm, thanks for your reply unfortunately I haven't received any comment from an ILM developer yet.

Maybe someone has experience with this topic and can give me a hint?

@talevy Is there any documentation for this completed issue?

My rollup index is growing and growing and I have no idea how to apply an ILM policy to the rollups.

No one here who could help or give a tip in this case?

ILM and to some extent time-based indices are as far as I know not supported for transforms and rollups. I suspect you may need to delete data using delete by query.

Is there somewhere the roadmap or a plan until when Rollup V2 (incl. ILM) will be available?

Thanks for the answer. At the moment I still have the problem that I can't get the rollup job done in an acceptable time, so I don't have to worry about deleting it yet :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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