Index rollover / Delete indexes

I have a kind of wierd question. I just want to know if there is a way using index rollover and the index lifecycle to lets say to allways keep the last 3 indexes.


Lets say I have a rollover policy that rolls my index after 30GBs

I'll have an alias my-index and the real indices will be ..
my-index.0001, my-index.0002 and my-index.0003

Then when at the next roll over I will have

my-index.0001, my-index.0002, my-index.0003, my-index.0004

At this point I need to delete my-index.0001 regardless the age of the index.
Is there a way to do this? With ILM you can but it depends on the age of the index, and I just need the last 3 or n index online

Thanks in advance

There's not a way to currently do that, no.

It'd be worth checking if there's a feature request to do that and add your vote to it, or create a new FR.

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