Rollup - Rollover and destination index date math/patterns

I'm trying to use the Rollover in the Rollup.

According to the information:


  "id": "index-data.*",
  "index_pattern": "index-data.*",
  "rollup_index": "rollup.index-data-%{+YYYY.MM}",

But it doesn't work.
Elastic returns the error:

"type": "invalid_index_name_exception",
"reason": "Invalid index name [rollup.index-data-%{+YYYY.MM}], must be lowercase",
"index_uuid": "_na_",

How to implement Rollover in Rollup?

Elasticseach version 7.5.

You cannot currently use date math in the rollup_index pattern like that sorry.

That issue you linked goes to, which is still open.

How to add any other rollover?
How do I add a numerical rollover?

Yeah.. Numerous users face issue while adding the rollover. Need some tutorial sort of thing to understand it.

Change that to something like rollup.index-data.

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