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Hello, I'm rather new to ELK, I need a hint from some experienced Kibana guru here.
I generate entries in a CSV file that I read with filebeat and send to logstash and ingest into ES. Parsing of fields and ingestion into ES it's ok, I need a hint on how to plot values with Kibana.
Entries in the CSV are repetitive, let's say I append 4 lines at each time interval, one line per object, like the following:
timestamp1, object_A, <value...>
timestamp1, object_B, <value...>
timestamp1, object_C, <value...>
timestamp1, object_D, <value...>
At timestamp2 I add
timestamp2, object_A, <value...>
timestamp2, object_B, <value...>
timestamp2, object_C, <value...>
timestamp2, object_D, <value...>
And so forth.

Now, I need to visualize 4 lines, one per object, to represent the values that each object had at each interval, and I'm not quite sure how to do it.
Any help is much appreciated,

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The first step will be to set up an index pattern in Kibana that points to your ES index. Go to Management in the navigation link on the left. Select Index Patterns and then click Create. Enter the name of your ES index and set the time field.

Once that is done you can start creating graphs by going to the Visualize navigation link on the left. Then click + button to create a new visualization. Select Line. Select the index pattern created above. Now its time to create your graph. Under buckets select Split Series. Use a terms aggregation on the object name field. Then, under buckets select x-axis. Use a date histogram aggregation on your time field and select the specified interval. Finally click the play button. It is the sideways triangle.

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