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I'm using logstash as a pipeline between my csv file and elasticsearch.

The csv file looks like this:


Therefore in my kibana index "student" there are three documents one for each student and each student has the following fields:

I'm trying to use Kibana to archieve this:

Any suggestion on how to use kibana for this? or do I have the wrong data structure?
Any feedback in appreciated.

Hi George,

that should be fine. but it depends how you modeled your documents in Elasticsearch:

  1. you have 3 documents (one doc for each student), each document with 4 fields (one for each test).

Even though it looks the simplest, ES is not a spreadsheet. So this won't work. The aggregation framework is not build for this.

  1. the canonical way of doing this in Elasticsearch would be to denormalize your data, and have a separate document for each student and test combo. You'd have 12 documents. Each document would have a student-field, a testid field and a testscore field.

Then you can just do two nested "Terms aggregation", once on testid, which you can map to the X-axis, and once on student, which you use to split the series . On the Y-axis you plot the computed metric, in this case the (average) score per student.

It's easier to think of Elasticsearch as storing a collection of measurements (sensor data, log data, ...). A test-score is basically a measurement for the tuple {student, testid}.

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