Help with lucene

I have this message field:
<10000000-0000-1111-0000-000020171218>(Controller, Raw) 02:42:0A:04:84:81 << Error Apr-9,07:28:33.583 ../src/util_net.c 340: connect():select() Socket error=113 ip= port=34323\n [errno=113:"No route to host"]

I'm filtering on error=113, but I want a table of count for each IP. I do not have a field for ip. but want to make one on the fly and use it.

In splunk I do:
error=113 | rex "ip=(?<ip>[\d\.]+)" | stats count by ip

Any pointers etc to help me going.


Elasticsearch works best when extracting things into it's own fields before indexing the data. You might be able to come up with a script query to do what you want, but it's difficult (I can't help), and seriously inefficient.

Thanks, I'll try and add a field. I will try to reindex the index adding new fields.

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