Query a specific IP address in Elastic

Hi there,

I am relatively new to elastic and expanding our ES daily.

We are ingesting logs from various network devices but come across a problem in Cisco. They do not send the hostname in their syslog and therefore all we get is for example

log.source.address: (where the port is random)

Therefore in KQL there are many entries for one device and seems no way to simply wildcard

Using Lucene we need to build a regular expression for this and tried various formats but as ^ is not supported there seems no way to say

log.source.address:10/.1/.1/.1:<1-99999> and produce a result from this or using various combinations.

Can anyone advise the best code for this ?

Thanks in advance for the advice.


Instead of trying to figure out how to write a full text search query a more efficient way of solving this would be to store the ip address in a dedicated field of the type IP and query that field...

does that make sense to you?

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if that is possible Alexander, certainly, so I was trying to search for a way to convert the output of log.source.address: to say logsource.ip: online but could not find it, could you direct me to the resource for that.


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