Help with River

Anyone know about this error:

[265]: index [imoveis_protocolo_titulo], type [imoveisprotocolotitulotype], id [184114], message [EsRejectedExecutionException[rejected execution (queue capacity 50) on$AsyncShardOperationAction$1@3437c41]]


We don't know which river plugin it is.

Also note that river will be removed in 2.0

Increase max_bulk_actions in JDBC river.

The default is : 10000?? so why in error show 50??


There are two settings which correlate, the length of a single bulk request of JDBC river, and the bulk request queue of your cluster.

In earlier versions of JDBC river, bulk request length was much lower (100). If the bulk request length is low, the number of bulk requests quickly fill the node thread pool capacity.