Help with sub field mappings in index template

Say I have the following section in a json Doc I want to index.

"top_level_field": {
  "field1": true,
  "field2": "blah blah",
  "field3": 123,
  "second_level": {
    "sub_field1": "fizz buzz",
	"sub_field2": 1.3434534

Is this template fragment correct to index the above json?

		"field1":{ "type":"boolean" },
		"field2":{ "type":"text" },
		"field3":{ "type": integer },
		   "properties": {
				"sub_field1": { 
					"fields":{ "keyword":{ "type":"keyword" } },
				"sub_field2": { "type": long }

When this comes into Elastic I should see:


I've tried something like this in the past and the fields came in as un-indexed as I also have dynamic mapping disabled. Feel likeI am misunderstanding something. Logs are being sent to Elastic via Logstash. Logstash is not doing much except for proxying the logs to Elastic.

I've had to use the below in my templates instead to get the index template to index these fields.

"top_level_field.field1": { "type":"boolean" },
"top_level_field.field2": { "type":"text" },
"top_level_field.field3": { "type": integer },
"top_level_field.second_level.sub_field1": { 
					"fields":{ "keyword":{ "type":"keyword" } },
"top_level_field.second_level.sub_field2": { "type": long }

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