Hide Scrollbars But Keep Functionality in a Kibana app plugin

Hi there,

In a Kibana app plugin I need to hide the vertical scrollbar, but keep functionality..

I tryed with the following CSS code, but It doesn't works:

/* Hide scrollbar for Chrome, Safari and Opera */

.app-wrapper::-webkit-scrollbar {

  display: none;


/* Hide scrollbar for IE and Edge */

.app-wrapper {

  -ms-overflow-style: none;


Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


It's not the scrollbar of .app-wrapper that is displayed, it's the one of body, but since it doesn't make sense to hide the global scrollbars, you could use a wrapper in your plugin, scale it to use the available screen space, and hide the scroller there


Thanks @matw,

I followed your suggestion.
The problem was in some css class inside the body.

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