Hide specific visualization from by +- button in the legend


I'm trying to hide one of the charts, by clicking the legend and then - , but the current version doesn’t allow me to do that.
I wish there was a checkbox that could control which chart to hide/view, is there any option to do that?

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 21.47.22

@Etay_Todress welcome to the community!
I'm not sure what version exactly you're using, but if you could hide a chart by clicking on the legend in previous versions of Kibana (<7.14), the change might have to do with the migration of visualizations to elastic-charts.
If you have access to Advanced settings, you can re-enable the "legacy" charts feature by enabling visualization:visualize:legacyChartsLibrary.

I think this functionality is present in elastic-charts in 7.14 (and prior versions).

What version are you on?

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