Hide table column if used as filter

Hi community,
I'm using Kibana 8.10 (Cloud) for log analysis, with quite some columns shown in a lens table. When I filter for a specific column value, the value is shown in the filter bar and the column value is highlighted in the table. But for me it feels quite redundant to still show that value in the table and it would help a lot to focus on the remaining columns, if there is an option to hide that column when it is used as a filter criteria.
Is it somehow possible to achieve this? Unfortunately, I'm absolutely out of ideas what would be possible.

I would be happy for any ideas or suggestions.

Hello @gconradi,

Welcome to the community!

Could you please share a screenshot of the lens table with the filter so I can better understand the question?

Hello @Priscilla_Parodi,
thanks a lot for the welcome :slight_smile:

I would like to hide the shown columns. if they are used as filters like in the screenshot.

It won't automatically hide the column, but you can just remove them.

True, I could hide them. It's just that from a user perspecfive, it would reduce the necessary clicks and also speed up the interaction, if there would be a possibility to hide them automatically.
I was wondering if just can't find this option/feature, or it is not possible at all.

No, there is no option to do that, if you do not want the column on the table you need to remove it.

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