How to hide rows in table without affecting search criteria


I am creating a kibana visualization table based on few test run results in my elasticsearch index.
Following is the composition of value hits.

Following is the output table having the results captured

The filters in table i've applied based on Result & Accuracy columns. What i want to do is only show the coloumns which shows average 100% accuracy.
I've tried filtering out the fail results but that removes them from calculation and shows everything as 100% since only pass results comes into calculation.

Is there a way to achieve this with current data ?


Reference Calculations:

  1. Pass Accuracy --> Average of Accuracy Column in index with value format as Percent.
  2. Fail Runs --> Count of Records with filter by "Result = Fail".
  3. Pass Runs --> Count of Records with filter by "Result = Pass".
  4. Total Runs --> Count of Records.
  5. Test Name --> Top Values of Test Name
  6. Test Suite --> Top Values of Test Suite

So if I understand correctly you would like to hide specific rows. I am afraid that this is not possible atm.

If you want to hide columns we have this hide column setting that you can use

Yes i want to hide certain rows but based on a specific logic.
Like all the rows should not be visible where the "Fail Runs" is not 0 or if the "Pass Runs" is less than "Total Runs".

But i'm not able to find a filter for such comparision.

Additionally, what i already tried is applying a filter for my condition like "Result = Pass" but in that case the fail values gets removed from the total calculation and all 5 rows return 100% which is incorrect interpretation of data.

Got it, no I am afraid this is not possible atm. You can always create an enhancement request on our public repo and the team can assess and prioritize.

Alright, thanks for the reply.

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