Hiding results in Data Table visualisation based on the count

Hello hive mind,

After some time I reached a dead end, thus i'd like to ask you assistance from the gurus.

here's what I try to achieve.

I have an index pattern which includes (amongst others) ProductionID (String). I am also getting commands (strings) in Command field.
Let's say the ProductionID are the names of TV channels, various names. Commands can be eithe On or OFF.

What I try to achieve is:
create a data table which will count the occurrence of ProductionID (that is simple, Buckets -> Split row by ProdID and Count metrics) and then show only those results where the total count of each ProdID variant is actually only even number.
So the table would look like this:

TV1 | 1
TV2 |3
TV3 |1

Hope this makes sense. There's some deeper logic to it, but this would be a good start.

Thanks for your comments, any help is highly appreciated


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