Hide Timeline Expression in Iframe

I recently upgraded to 6.1.4 from 5.5.2. In the previous version when I used to import the iframe of a timelion series. The timelion expression window was by default hidden.

After upgrading to the latest version. The field is shown by default. Is there any way I can configure it, I don't want that timelion expression to be displayed.

Before the Update

After the Update


this is a bug (#13822) which has been fixed in 6.2.


Thanks Tim for writing.
What version of 6.2 is a stable build?

You should always use the latest patch version of a minor version, in this case 6.2.4: https://www.elastic.co/de/downloads/kibana

You can also find more information about our maintainance policy on this page: https://www.elastic.co/support/eol

@timroes This link redirects me to 6.2.4. I read in a article that the latest stable release is 6.2.3.
Since I want a stable release, will this bug be fixed in 6.2.3?
If so I can download that.

Yeah you can download 6.2.3 too if you want, but the latest stable release is still 6.2.4 :slight_smile:
Btw here is the changelog, what changed in 6.2.3 to 6.2.4: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/release-notes-6.2.4.html

@timroes https://www.elastic.co/blog/elasticsearch-6-2-3-and-6-1-4-released

Yeah that's the release blog post of 6.2.3. Here is the link to the release blog post of 6.2.4 (and 5.6.9 respectively):

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