High level rest client maven dependency issue

Hi guys,

I have an issue with high level rest client. I'm using version 6.4.3 of the client, and every time I build my project I get version version 5.2.2 of org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch instead of 6.4.3. This issue is blocking me from deploying my project in WildFly.

Here is some maven debug logs;

[DEBUG] org.elasticsearch.client:elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client:jar:6.6.2:compile
[DEBUG] org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:jar:5.2.2:compile (version managed from 6.6.2)

[DEBUG] org.elasticsearch.client:elasticsearch-rest-high-level-client:jar:6.6.2:compile (selected for compile)
[DEBUG] org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:jar:6.6.2:compile (applying version: 5.2.2)
[DEBUG] org.elasticsearch:elasticsearch:jar:5.2.2:compile (selected for compile)

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Posting your pom.xml may help here. I suspect there is a small issue there

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