ElasticSearch 6.4.2 high level rest client jar hell issue with Ant build tool


I am in the process of upgrading our ES cluster from v 1.4.4 to v 6.4.2.
I have used ES high level rest client v 6.4.2 extensively for CRUD and search operations in our project but am facing a roadblock in deployment due to jar hell issue.

Ours is an Ant project so have no option of shading like in maven :frowning_face:
The conflicting library is lucene-core-7.4.0 which is need by ES high level rest client. However, some functionality in our project requires lucene-core-3.6.0.
Any idea how I can package elastic high level rest client 6.4.2 along with its dependencies so that jar hell is avoided.

I am afraid I will have to rewrite most of my code to use Http API and remove HLRC altogether.
This is a pretty late stage to re-write code to use Http. Request you to please help me in this.


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