Highlighting object type field

Is it possible to highlight an Object type field? It doesn't seem to work for me, and there's nothing in the docs that says it shouldn't work. Specifically, I index documents with sections in them, and I defined my mapping to have a sections field of type Object, with two sub-fields: "title" and "text". I can successfully search the fields sections.title and sections.text, they are returned in the _source (I also tried to explicitly store them).

When I search and request to highlight the sections.text field, I get no highlights at all (no even an empty response object). This is my request:

  "highlight": {
    "fragment_size": 100,
    "number_of_fragments": 3,
    "type": "unified",
    "boundary_scanner": "SENTENCE",
    "fields": {
      "sections.text": {}

If I change the field to highlight on another textual field, not `Object` it works, so it definitely has to do with the Object datatype.

Is this supposed to work?

Ugh, sorry it looks like I had a problem with my search query -- the match was found in another field than the one I wanted to highlight (and actually search on!). I fixed that and now it works.

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