Histogram created in Kibana doesn't show anything


I'm trying to configure a histogram panel on Kibana 3 to show the count of
a certain document type in elasticsearch over time. Each document has a
'date' field containing the creation time of the element as a timestamp
(epoche + millisecons) saved as a long (e.g.: 1391175467000 --> Fri Jan 31
2014 14:37:47 GMT+0100 (CET)). The mapping of elasticsearch marks this
field as a date but without format specified as timestamp format should be
supported out of the box.

When I create a histogram panel for the index containing the documents and
set the 'date' field as the time field, then the histogram doesn't show
what I expected it to show. It's actually empty and the date shown on the
x-axis shows 01/01/70 which seems to me very wrong as none of the documents
was created at these date.

Any ideas what's going wrong here?


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