Hive elasticsearch integration

I am sure there are many people who are using this but I am not getting any response to my issue.
please can someone guide me on my issue ? If I create a hive ES table on node 1 its creating es-index on node4 or node5 randomly .
Also I can't query the table in hive as it cant find the index on node1.
I also was unable to make elasticsearch work on single node, if I turn elasticsearch service on node2,3,4,5 then the hive table creation fails .

There must be some setting in elasticsearch.yml that I need to set to be able to create index on node1 .

appreciate anyone helping me on this.

[root@hadoop1 elasticsearch]# more elasticsearch.yml ftes "hadoop1" /elastic/data
path.logs: /elastic/logs

@aliyesami Please do not open multiple topics for the same issue on the forum. Keep in mind that community members spend their own time on the forums to help people. If you are having trouble with the connector it will eventually be addressed. Thank you.

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