Host Count Not Reflecting In Kibana Dashboard


We had added 50 desktop machines (Windows 7 Pro), to Kibana after installing winlogbeat service on all those machines, many times 33 to 40 machines reflects in Kibana dashboard (but not all 50 machines. Count gets increases and decreases).
Now the issue is, we have configured winlogbeat on more 40 machines (Windows 7 Pro), but this time not a single newly configured machine count is reflecting on dashboard. I have checked below commands and no error occurred.

.\winlogbeat.exe -c winlogbeat.yml -e -v -d "" (For Debug)
.\winlogbeat.exe test output -e -d "

Now again one more observation, when I manually cross verified the newly configure winlogbeat machine host name on Kibana DISCOVER tab, I found most of the hostname reflected in DISCOVER tab, but unable to see the Host count in Dashboard.

Can anyone help me.

Please let me know if I have missed to mention something here (I apologize for this as am new to ELK)


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