Hosted Elastic: Basic answers that are hard to find

Hi all --

I'm a new elastic user who is bootstrapping a moderate-to-large cluster using hosted Elastic. Several questions have come up for which it is difficult to find answers, given the noise from unrelated questions with similar keywords and phrases. So I'm posting here in hopes of gaining some insight.

1.) The other day, someone on my team made a config change through the console that contained a syntax error. This caused the master node on the cluster to fail to start.

Q: How do you debug a problem like this from the hosted console? Is there a way to view the logs written directly from the master node? Searched for this, but couldn't find a relevant answer for hosted elastic.

Q: What strategies are there to prevent this sort of thing from happening? Is there a way to:

a. Manage changes to hosted config parameters from the console, and roll them back if there's a problem? I understand the cluster has monitoring, but that doesn't help diagnose a specific problem, like 'the master node wont start'.

b. How does one, generally, manage change control within Elastic given a large team of engineers who might be making changes to indices, watches, ingest pipelines, cluster configs, etc? Are there general strategies to use for code review, rollback, testing, etc?

Again, these questions are so general it is hard to find appropriate answers through keyword searches, hence community knowledge and opinions would be most appreciated!

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