Hostname display on the chart

Created a CPU area chart ,passing host name dynamically, through filters beat.hostname,is there a way to capture the hostname in the title or somewhere on the graph.It doesnt show the hostname details anywhere in the chart.

You can add a split series terms aggregation of size 1 on the hostname field. It will never actually split the series (because there you are already filtering down to just a single host), but this will cause your only series to be named by the hostname:

It Worked :slight_smile: thank you!! And one more thing,how are you getting the timestamp in date and time format..for me,it shows only time in x-axis.
My X-axis is : Date histogram ,interval:5m...though i'm lookin for last 2 days of shows me only time but not the date,its so confusing because of that

It depends on the time range you have selected - if you increase it you should also get the date.
You can configure the default scaling in the advanced settings: It's the dateFormat:scaled setting

setting is the same..dateFormat:scaled , if i select the interval >60min then it is showing in both date and time format,if the interval is less than 60min ,its showing only time

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