How are the job opportunities with ELK Stack?

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Hi I'm Kartheek Gummaluri working in a startup which is located in India.I'm a DevOps Engineer for Elasticsearch from July 2015.I need to change my job.Can anyone guide me what are the career opportunities in india.

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I always judge the viability of career opportunities based on how popular a technology is becoming.

Elasticsearch is starting to be used by many different commercial applications. For example:

  • Redhat, Satelite server uses Elasticsearch on the backend
  • IBM Sterling Order Management System, Uses Elasticsearch for it Search Product datbase
  • Nagios Logging usues it. and I could list probably 20 main stream open source projects using it
  • AWS has it implemented so, they would not do it if they did not think it had a future.
  • Plus there are a number of Startups implementing their only Cloud Solution or SAS

Now unfortunately I am not in india and can not advise on your local opportunities

What I can say, is that knowing Elasticsearch alone will not provide you a lot of options. It needs to be paired with something

For example

  • website display/searching
  • Log Searching
  • Real time data like stock data/financial
  • and so on.

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