Tutorial on using the full ELK Stack


do you have any tutorial on how I can start using the elastic stack - elk?
I need to do a POC and would like to briefly explain the advantages of ELK.

if you have any idea on a quick and dirty doc, please let me know,

thank you,

Have you looked at the Elastic website and had a look at the blogs section? There is a good amount of getting started materials available. What are you looking to do with the Elastic stack?

Hi Christian,

actually this is something new for our environment; we want to have logs analyzed from different sources.
We would like to have logstash collecting logs, have elastic search doing the analysis and normalization, and have kibana doing the graphics, etc.
these three apps are in a VM running redhat.
i have done the untar of these three tools, and did some initial configuration. For example for elastic search, i did change the server.host to be able to connect from other servers, etc. But, all the simple and basic stuff that do not require much (close to none) knowledge.
I will be receiving some logs (static) just for me to test; however, I have never used any of these tools.

much appreciate for your time and help,

thank you,

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