Gave up on setting up ELK

After 12 years of Linux background and infrastructure management, I accepted defeat setting up ELK for monitoring.
I struggled for over 2 weeks trying every guide. but it seems that ELK is not worth the headache.
The goal was to set Kibana with elasticsearch and elastic stack to simply monitor different VM statistics like CPU usage memory usage, etc.
and to parse and monitor our web application logs. I can't even ask a question because I tried so many different ways.

the learning curve is at an impossible level. I think you have to be an ELK expert to achieve something with it.

If you are reading this and you are trying to set up ELK for monitoring. Don't waste your time. try something else.

That's sad to hear. In case you would like to join the community of users again, we will be happy to help you in case something is unclear in the documentation.

Basically you need to:

  • start Elasticsearch
  • start Kibana
  • add an integration for your use case from the Kibana UI. That will guide you to add an agent on your hosts and then deploy the policy on it

I share the same words as David since there is good and healthy community in this part of the cyber space, ready to help. At glance, maybe is too hard to understand ELK in the short period with so many features.

As any versatile and multipurpose software, don't expect to learn and have it in a shape in few days. A few years ago I saw the potential ELK, fell in love and stay inside story. On other hand, I had left another similar application which is complex, and not so open. I wouldn't go back.

There is the official documentation, 2 YouTube channels, the community, blog(s), github, articles and videos from Elastic enthusiasts...

After all, nobody is forced to use software A, B or C. Test and estimate what is the best for you. Elasic will be around, waiting for everyone to try, learn, implement, ask for help, advice or suggest something to improve.


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