How can achieve this with kibana?


i need to calculate dynamically return column, but i don't know if we can get this with kibana:

formula column return = value (today) / value(yesterday) -1

@timestamp     account	           value  	      return (column to calculate)
2020-10-30        A                20972.05       0.0000
2020-11-02        A                44017.80       1,0988
2020-11-03        A                18037.97       0,5902
2020-11-04        A                11723.38       0,3501
2020-11-05        A                21760.75       0,8562
2020-11-06        A                11256.97       0,4827
2020-11-09        A                52654.39       3,6779
2020-11-10        A                34066.16       0,3530

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You could do it by using the metric "serial difference" and a "Date Histogram", it's not exactly a ratio like the one that you expect, but the other option will be timelion operating the two series. Hope it Helps.

Thank you so much Iker, i really need to calculate return between periods, daily, monthly... calculate de diference helps but i need the percentage of change, no way to do this?

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In theory you could use timelion to get the %, then use that data in Canvas so you could get a nice table, but the last part is beyond my capabilities:

Example of timelion params:


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Thank you so much iker,

it's really helpful. Much aprreciated

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