How Can I change the Origin of a WMS tile map on Geoserver?

Hello Geeks ,

I have a WMS Indoor map hosted on GeoServer and integrated into Kibana , When I plotted the data
a phase shift occurs , because the origin on the map is different from the one the data is sent with

So I need to change the my map origin to start for example from [-1.23345 , 1.236665]

How is this possible ??

Many thanks

Hello Alex,

This can't be done on the Kibana side. You will have to fix this on the Geoserver side. Geoserver will surely support it. You also need to make sure that you publish your WMS service with the correct spatial reference. but the origin of the projection needs to be [0,0]. Geo server settings gives you more insight.

This link below might give you more reference.

I have copied cc /@thomas on this discuss. Feel free to reach out for follow up questions if any.



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Thank you @rashmi

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