How to connect Maps to a WMS server


I was wondering if anyone had any success in getting the Maps app to show data from a WMS server. I looked at the Docs but the WMS part is empty.

I did follow this guide and managed to get the NWS data to show up (cool!)

However when I set up a basic Geoserver with a shapefile as the base for my layer it doesn't show up. No doubt I'm doing something wrong, haven't used Geoserver much before. I couldn't really find any resources online so I'm hoping somebody did this before and maybe can share a bit more about how to get this done.

Alternatively I tried using geo_shapes which are great, easy to use and do exactly what I need but the downside is those geo_shape layers are affected by filters.

Thanks for your interest in the Maps app! Configuring WMS to work with the Maps app can be a little tricky. We are working on making WMS easier to use in a future release.

For example, let's take a look at the GetCapabilities from the NOAA Weather Radar.

  • Enter the URL excluding the query parameters (i.e.
  • Find the layer(s) you want to display from the GetCapabilities document and enter the appropriate <Name> parameter into "Layers" text box. For the NOAA Radar we want to display the layer with the title "Image", so this we enter 1 in the "Layers" box.
  • The layer you want to use must be available in the Web Mercator coordinate system so the layer should have <CRS>EPSG:3857</CRS> in the GetCapabilities document.
  • It is not usually necessary to enter a "Style", but you can choose to enter one from the selected layer(s). There is only one style available for the NOAA radar "Image" layer we chose called "default".

Hope that helps. Feel free to reply if you need more assistance.

Thanks for the reply.

I already had the NOAA link working in both coordinate map viz and Maps. I also got a default Geoserver map working in the coordinate map viz but for some reason I can't get it to show up in Maps.

Coordinate map viz

Maps app

URL: http://localhost:8080/geoserver/topp/wms?service=WMS&version=1.1.0&request=GetMap&layers=topp%3Astates&bbox=-124.73142200000001%2C24.955967%2C-66.969849%2C49.371735&width=768&height=330&srs=EPSG%3A4326&format=image%2Fpng

I know in the URL it doesn't show EPSG:3857 but under Edit layer => Tile caching it shows

My understanding is that 900913 and 3857 are actually the same. For some reason I can't get 3857 to display in the Gridset but on some other test maps it does actually show 3857 in the url when the gridset show 900913 so I suppose they are the same and Geoserver just show the old value for some reason.

I also got my custom layer to show in the coordinate map but again it does not show in Maps. The NOAA link shows in both.

Since you've opened an issue in the Kibana repository I assume you believe this is a bug so we should continue the conversation there instead.

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