Setting up a map visualization with a custom WMS server

I have been trying to setup a Coordinate Map visualization on Kibana OSS with a custom WMS server.

The problem is that the settings in kibana.yml only allow to use a fully qualified tile URL with placeholders in {x} {y} {z} format: at map.tilemap.url.

The service I use (terrestris) seems to require the use of a bbox value. Kibana does manage to understand this when I only set up the visualization options in the actual visualization. I then put the URL of the service, the layer name and the WMS version and it works, I get the tiles! But using a {bbox} placeholder in the kibana.yml map.tilemap.url field results in an error.

The main reason I would like to have this as a default config is that end users might not go look at my documentation for those settings.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Is it currently not supported in Kibana, or is there another placeholder that is not documented?

Thank you for your time

@Aaron_Caldwell or @nickpeihl can you shed more light on this here please ?



It sounds like you're trying to enter a WMS for the TMS (tilemap service), but they're not the same thing. When you mention trying it in the visualization, you must be entering it as a WMS via the UI, which is currently the only valid way to add a WMS. The fact that there's a bbox param further confirms it as a WMS since I don't believe this param would be valid in most TMS implementations.

Map services are a muddled and confusing landscape for sure. The second answer on this stack overflow thread might help clear things up. It actually covers three standards: WMS, TMS, and WMTS (which we don't yet support).

For what it's worth, to best handle your WMS, you might want to consider using the new Kibana Maps Application. It will support WMS params in the URL and has a better interface for interacting with WMS services.

I hope that helps!


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