Using Mapbox tiles


is it possible to use Mapbox tiles with Kibana? I think changing the URL in kibana.yml tilemap.url setting works, but we would need to override the tiles for individual visualizations and the override requires "WMS compliant map server" which I'm not aware Mapbox offers. Why cannot we use the same format as with tilemap.url here?


Maybe this blog post will help.

Kibana 4.5.3 and 4.1.10 released to fix tile map visualizations


Hi Nicolás,

thanks for your reply. It seems to me that the settings mentioned in the blog post should be set in kibana.yml and are for all maps. However, what I'm looking for is the ability to provide a different tilemap per visualization (in the same way that you can currently set the "WMS compliant map server" per visualization).

I looked through the Kibana source but was not able to trace the tilemap.url setting.