Kibana not work with custom tilemap

I am using kibana map visualizations, as my server is not connected to internet, I setup a tile server which works like:
It takes about 24H for me to setup the tile server.
So I add:
tilemap.options.maxZoom: 10
tilemap.options.minZoom: 1
But as I am trying to see the map, it gives the error "could not retrieve manifest from the tile service", as I see the debugger it is trying to connect to "".
How should I fix it?

Hi there.
Can any one one help me?

Hi, it looks like you have this bug:

It was fixed in 6.2.4

Hope that's the issue - let me know.

Thanks for the reply, I am using el 6.4.0, kibana 6.4.0. I tried kibana 6.4.1 and 6.4.2, but nothing happened, so I used wms server from option and helped me solve my problem.

wms server option not works in 6.5.4!!!

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