Map Issue in Kibana 6.0.0

Hey Guys,

I just installed Kibana 6.0.0 on a server and having a problem loading Maps. It errors out with the error "could not receive manifest from tile service". I am assuming this is because Kibana cannot load the maps. Its possible because the server is in a datacenter behind some firewalls. I have DNS configured on the machine so generally outgoing connections are not an issue. But not all incoming connections work. Does anyone know how to solve this?



Hi @adwaitjoshi,

Kibana by default uses the Elastic Maps Service to load the tiles and other assets from. So it either requires access to the service's servers (e.g. or needs to be configured with a locally hosted map server instead. Some users who don't need maps also choose to blackhole the tile service's DNS to localhost or similar.

Where would this configuration be stored and what should I be testing to make sure that the communication actually works. All outgoing connections are allowed but no incoming connections are. So if this is a request that receives a response, it should come back fine. But I would have to test the ports and urls.

You can configure it in your kibana.yml with the setting tilemap.url. See the docs for a list of all settings.

The urls used by default by the tile map should start with and

Reading through the setting it says Kibana read this from an external metadata service. Do you know what that URL is? I want to make sure I can hit it. Also if I do change the url to something would it be changed to whats below? the

The URL to the tileservice that Kibana uses to display map tiles in tilemap visualizations. By default, Kibana reads this url from an external metadata service, but users can still override this parameter to use their own Tile Map Service. For example: "{z}/{x}/{y}.png?elastic_tile_service_tos=agree&my_app_name=kibana"


Just checking in again to see. I can successfully ping both and maps still wont load with the error

region map could not receive manifest from tile service status -1

What else can I try?


The metadata service should be the url I mentioned. You can try to use the browser devtools to check which external requests Kibana makes when displaying a map visualization.

That showed the underlying issue. The server was making the request OK. But my local machine was blocking it. I solved it!!! Thank you so much for your time and help.

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