Map connects to when using local geoserver, and fails

My deployment is network isolated, therefore all services are local. I have deployed geoserver to provide a base map layer for the coordinate map visualization.

Using kibana 6.3.1 everything works fine. I add the local geoserver URL & layer name to the Options panel and it plots as expected.

I upgraded to Kibana 6.5.4 and creating the same visualization produces the error "could not retrieve manifest from tile service: -1" (it fails in 6.5.1 and 6.5.4). Viewing the network connections in Firefox shows that Kibana 6.5.4, despite selecting "WMS map server" in the "Base Layer Setting", is trying to make the following connection:

Since the application is network isolated the call fails and the map doesn't render. This does not happen in 6.3.1. In fact, I have both versions running with the same setup and the 6.3.1 window works fine and the 6.5.4 window fails.

So, how do I get Kibana 6.5 to use a local geoserver?

Interesting, based on what you've described, it looks like this bug:

I've talked to someone else today who's having the same problem, but I didn't get what version of Kibana they have. If you're on 6.5 and it's happening, then that bug may have come back.

Yes, the description appears to be the issue (the symptom is certainly the same). It was clearly corrected in 6.3 (my current version) but reappeared in 6.5.1
(and 6.5.4). And, needless to say, is preventing my program from upgrading to 6.5 so I appreciate you reopening the issue.

I have the same problem, I have kibana 6.4 and 6.5 both, the 6.4 wms server works but 6.5 does not show the map.
When do you think it will be fixed?

As azulay7 said in , this line in kibana.yml solve my problem.
map.includeElasticMapsService: false

Adding that property stopped the call to but, for me (kibana v6.5.4), it still doesn't connect to my geoserver.
My kibana 6.3 install works fine but the same parameters in 6.5.4 doesn't even hit the geoserver so, at least in my case, there's more to it.

Just a thought... maybe elastic could slow their roll a little and focus on product stabilization for a while instead of the half-baked experimental features....

My kibana version is 6.5.4.
I tried it and worked for me, but I see if the query takes long time, the map will not load, so I do it like this:

  1. Run a query without results (filtering time) so the map loads
  2. Run the real query.
    Hope It will help.

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