Kibana reverse proxy with nginx

hi, dears,

I'm using nginx for the reverse proxy for kibana, I seems working well but since i enabled filebeat for syslog monitoring, kibana doesn't load charts and some important data, when i looked to local kibana, every things fine but behind a proxy kibana says:
""""Could not retrieve manifest from the tile service: status -1""""
how can i resolve this issue?

thanks for help.


Can you inspect your browser's devtools network tab when you get this error message? Is is possible that an ad blocker is somehow preventing this from loading?

thanks for reply @Larry_Gregory ,
i inspected network tab and kibana couldn't load this resource:
""" """ status code : 403
one more thing my kibana server located in DMZ and it couldn't connect to remote servers, how could i solve this issue?

thanks for advance

Hey @Hamed_khosravi,

For an air gapped network, you would need to provide your own tile map service. This blog post explains:

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