Kibana Displays Total White Screen Behind Reverse Proxy

I am currently trying to run kibana behind a nginx reverse proxy,

However, when I access the subdomain associated with my kibana instance, it displays a totally white page,

Has anyone had any experience with this?

Can you try adding a trailing slash? It looks like the Kibana's server redirect isn't being triggered. Browsers will do this for you but I'm guessing nginx isn't.

Also can you double check if you are able to hit kibana port without any issues when accessing kibana directly (Without proxy) .

some more information can be found here: Nginx is giving blank page on routing to Kibana


Hi Thanks for getting back to me,

I can confirm that when setting Kibana to the host port, and IP I am able to access the interface but as soon as it goes behind nginx it failed to load anything,

I will try the suggestion of the trailing "/" , When accessing the blank page I do see the

I'm unsure it that information is much help?

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