Kibana6.2, tilemap.url config not work

my kibana version is 6.2.2, when I use "tilemap.url" to replace default tileservice, it's not work.

my custom tileservice is work well. thanks.

config like:

tilemap.url: "{x}&y={y}&z={z}&lang=zh_cn&size=1&scl=1&style=7"

there was not any log about tilemap config print, how can I debug or resolve it ?

thks & best regrads

There's nothing special required to debug the custom tilemap use. Open the browser debugger and you should see some errors there. You should also check the network console and see if you're getting error responses from your tilemap server.

There should be some other parameters you should add to the tilemap URL though. can you share your full kibana.yml file, with any sensitve information removed of course. It would be useful to help figure out what might be missing.

hi, @Joe_Fleming

kibana.yml content:

server.port: 5601 "localhost"
server.maxPayloadBytes: 1048576 "ops-kibana"
elasticsearch.url: ""
elasticsearch.username: "kibana"
elasticsearch.password: "T4kAC9Ki9M4QHrxJSVem"
pid.file: /home/worker/kibana/
logging.dest: /home/worker/kibana/logs/kibana_run.log
logging.silent: false
logging.quiet: false
logging.verbose: true
ops.interval: 5000
tilemap.url: "{x}&y={y}&z={z}"

and I haven't seen any error by browser debugger. it seems{x}&y={y}&z={z} never been loaded.

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