Changing map tiles in 4.6



I read the user guide and saw that we had to change the settings in the yml file to change the default map tiles. However, I don't see any tilemap.url: etc in the file. I tried to add it and put the url of the tile I want to use, but then Kibana isn't starting anymore.

What would be the steps to follow in order to have this map as the actual tile for example, please:

Thanks and sorry for my lack of knowledge, haven't found a similar topic for thie version of kibana.


Hello Houss, to setup map tiles in the Kibana version 4.6 locate the kibana.yml file (../config/kibana.yml) and add your tiles using following switches:


Link for the reference: I had exactly same issue and manage to resolve. Note the kibana needs to be restarted,

All the best, Tomek

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