How to add a map by pointing to an external map server but not elastic map server?

I want to add a map for data visualization by pointing to a map server already available by my company. I don't have access to internet and I don't want to download docker image for Elastic map server. How can I change the Kibana config file to point to that map server?

You will need to change the map.tilemap.url in kibana.yml file to point to your map server on the format it expects.

I changed the map.tilemap.url in kibana.yml and pointed to the map server ip address. I can see the geo data as dots, but it doesn't show any borders for countries, it just adds based on lat/long on a plain page.

Hi Fred. Make sure you are setting the URL correctly including the {z}, {x}, {y} templates. There's more info about this setting in this blog post.

Hi Nick,

I added the following lines to kibana.yml:

map.includeElasticMapService: False
map.tilemap.options.maxZoom: 18

Is this correct:
Do I need to add layers Configured Tile Map or Tile Map Service?
It doesn't change the map and still cannot show the border lines.

Hi Fred. It looks like you are using a Web Map Service (WMS). The map.tilemap.url config expects a Tile Map Service (TMS). This config is not compatible with Web Map Services.

However, you can add a WMS layer from the Maps interface. Try adding a WMS layer and using as the URL.

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